What is Android TV Box

What is an Android TV BOX?

It is a box that has the Android Operating System installed inside. It is identical as if it were a cell phone, except that it has no screen. The screen will be the TV to which we hook the device. We also have different connections, such as: USB, HDMI, microSD, Ethernet, etc.

All this makes this box one of the best multimedia options to watch movies, series or football from the comfort of the living room or from any room where we have a TV.

I would also like to clarify that if you look for information in forums or other websites and they speak of: Streaming media device, TV box, IPTV box, set top boxes, media streamer, HTPC, Kodi box, I would like to tell you that everyone talks about what same, they talk about the Android TV Box or Android boxes.

Years ago, when I started in this world of multimedia boxes, I have to admit that I was confused when reading and listening to so many terminologies, but then you realize that everyone talks about the same device.

What technical characteristics should a decent Android box have?

In this section I will be very clear and simple explaining the technical characteristics that a decent Android Box should have, with which you can see any multimedia content without problems: movies, music, 4K movies from a hard drive, etc.

There are a lot of these devices for sale, but the vast majority of them do not have the minimum power needed to be able to, for example, watch movies in Full HD, or be able to plug in a keyboard and mouse at the same time. There are others that have so little RAM, they go very slowly and it becomes desperate to try to navigate between the Android menu, run apps. or browse the Web with the browser in the box.

Minimum characteristics

android tv box


Here I show you the minimum characteristics that should have any Box you want to buy. Everything below these specifications will be very slow, and the user experience with the box will be terrible.

  • Operating System: Android 6.0
  • Internal Memory: 8 Gigas (5 free for your use at least)
  • Ram Memory: 2 Gigas
  • Amlogic S905 64-bit processor
  • Expandable Memory: Using microSD or USB Port to plug Hard Disk
  • USB ports: at least 2
  • HDMI port: 1
  • Bluetooth:Version 4.0

What can you see and do with an Android box?

I write about this question, because it is the one that most friends and family ask me every time they go to buy one. When I tell them everything they can do with these multimedia boxes, they are amazed, especially if the television they have at home does not have Smartv. And although it was a SmartV, there are many that are very limited, for example the LG, since they have installed a very poor version of apps, with which, you can not do almost anything.

However, if you install one of these Tv Android Tv Box, you will provide an incredible versatility to any TV, because you practically turn it into a huge cell phone, where you can install all your favorite applications: Netflix, Wiseplay, Facebook, Instagram, Mario Bross, etc.

Next, I put a list of everything you can do with an Android box installed on your TV:

  • You can watch movies and series in 4K or FULL HD.
  • Surfing the Internet.
  • Update Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Install the best games for Android.
  • Conduct videoconferences on Android with Skype or any other app.
  • Listen and download music on Android.
  • Edit videos on Android with the best apps for this purpose.
  • Install applications to paint on Android for kids to have fun.
  • Multimedia server

android tv box

Whether you have an old TV or a new one, buying an Android TV Box will be one of the best multimedia options for your home. You can enjoy with the family watching movies and series in Full HD and if you buy the best, Nvidia Shield Android TV, you can watch movies and series in HDR with Netflix.
In addition, if you have small children, you can enjoy the best Android games on a large screen and not on the mobile. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below, I will gladly try to help you and answer you as much as I can. A big greeting and have an excellent week.


Q:  Is it necessary to expand the internal memory of the Box?

A: Only if you are going to download torrents or store content in it, to use Streaming applications is not necessary.


Q: Do I need a keyboard to use the Box?

A: Yes. Although most boxes come with a remote control that you can use as a keyboard, it is very uncomfortable. You can buy the best bluetooth keyboard for Android or Wireless Mini Keyboard from VISSONTECH. With this you can enjoy this device to the fullest and you will be much more comfortable navigating the menus.


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