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  • Model No: VS-14
  • No.: K05
  • Time: 2012-11-27
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This is a wonderful combo, 2.4GHz Wireless mini QWERTY keyboard, Touch Pad combo, with USB interface receiver. This groduct consists not only of normal wireless keyboard keys, but also of multimedia control keys and PC gaming control keys. It has built-in programmable smart touch pad-the world’s first Touchpad which can be used in horizontal and vertical directions. It has power indicator, RF signal indicator,CAPSLOCK light, low-voltage indicator and keypad backlight to facilitate the use in dark environments.

For people who want to watch internet TV play on their standard TV.

Feature Description
- Touchpad DPI Adjustable functions
- Ergonomic design, Perfect shape
- Scroll wheel function
- Comparable to the real notebook touchpad
- 92 keys
- Build-in removable rechargable Li-ion battery
- Dual power supply mode can be selected

Size & Weight
- Product Dimension: 146.8 * 97.5 * 19 mm(L*W*H)
- Product Net Weight: 110g
: Package & accessories
Package: PU Pouch (or) gift box

Product Packing List
- Mini Wireless Keyboard Combo 1Unit
- Wireless Receiver Adapter 1Unit
- USB-A to Mini-B Charge only Cable 1Unit
- User Manual 1Unit